For this Post Graduation project, we had to choose one chapter from "Lusíadas" to work from, after that, we had to first off make an illustration of it, and afterward, we had to animate it. 
This time we used Unity for the entire project since the original intent was to make the animation run on Android and IOS.
We had to have three interactive elements in our project that once clicked/tapped would do an action. So basically we had to make iddle animations, the actions, develop the script and make the sound.
The Chapter I chose was "O Consílio dos Deuses" in this chapter the gods are gathered to determine if they should aid the Portuguese in their navigations around the world.
Among the Gods, I chose Zeus, Venus, and Bacchus since they're the essential ones for the plot. In this case, Zeus and Venus agreed and are on the side of the Portuguese on the other hand, Bacchus doesn't want to help and decides to hinder the Portuguese from accomplishing their goals due to his own selfish desires.
In this project I really wanted to make something original, in a sense, I didn't want to make a generic Greek temple with all the gods in it and animate from there. I decided to give it a fun twist and make a more modern setting.
My project consists of the three gods in a bus depot waiting for their ride to leave, in this case, Vasco da Gama (one of the main characters of the book and a historic figure) comes and picks them up, only Zeus and Venus enter though since they're the ones that support the Portuguese. Bacchus is left stranded in the bus depot since he doesn't aid the Portuguese. 

Here I will include the main animations of the project, I will also include a button at the end to open the Unity executable.
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