Studio Taka Berserk Motion comic episode 3
Studio Taka is a fan-run studio driven by a passion to bring top-quality videos to the manga and anime fan community. 
I got in touch with the studio after watching the two first episodes of the Berserk Motion Comic, being a huge fan of Berserk myself because of the beautiful artwork, superb storytelling, character development, and amazing action sequences, this was a huge opportunity for me to start gaining more animation experience and also do something that I really enjoy.
I have been animating and helping with assets since February 2021 late in episode three development
I work under the supervision of my Animation Director
Alexander Ukrasin
For Software, I use Adobe Photoshop for frame-by-frame/asset cleaning, After Effects for general animation, Dragon Bones, and started learning Spine2D.

Panel Work
note that some panels have some time before animation to allow the editing team's job to be easier.
The first panel I worked on.​​​​​​​
We start by cleaning the original panel from the manga on the left, separating what we want to animate and the background if needed corrections are made to make the animation process smoother.
After the first step, my animation director tells me his intention on how the panel should be animated and gives indications on how to do so.
Starting off I only thought the blood was supposed to flow until a certain point, but after some points from my animation director, I made the blood flow through the end of the panel achieving the desired result.
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