final animation
With this project i will approach the concept of the dream, that is, 
how each of us inert, reacts, reflects on it. 
My dream approach
 will address several concepts:

- What is real and if it is real?
- The difference between reality / dream.

- Question whether we are targets of control?
- The possibility of a higher entity that controls us?
- How free are we really?

- Is reality itself a dream or is the dream reality?
- When we wake up do we forget the true reality we live in (dream)?
- Are all the experiences we have had prefabricated?
- Are our eyes yet to open?
- Is our life just a long dream?
- Are we ourselves superior entities, yet we are limited by having to dream and live inferior experiences?
- Are we just an object that thinks?

The approach of the animation is to involve two characters with one, being the main element of the story and another, an unrecognizable entity, perhaps a celestial being, a deity, the “host” of dreams and creator of illusions. 

The animation will involve the main character in a repetitive sleep cycle where he will wake up in certain moments to testify to the presence of surreal elements (tentacles, eyes, webs, liquids, etc ...) in each cycle he is introduced to new elements and finally, after this vicious cycle, the entity will make the main character really wake up. 

With this wake up the real reality where the main character’s body is present shows a cage that holds and chokes his head, in other words, the person's conscience will always be trapped in that body without being 
able to escape or ascend.

In the methodology of this work I used the frame by frame technique and an analog method (traditional animation), after several experiments including the use of acetate and sketch boards I decided to use black cardboard as a format and pastel pencils as a medium, this decision is due to my search for the representation of a distinct and unique texture capable of giving a special touch to the animation.
H.P. LoveCraft
Regina Pessoa

This animation was made for academic purposes 
and it was made for "Produção de Multimédia"
Supervisor Teacher: Marta Varzim
This animation is a love letter to 
my favorite game of all time: BloodBorne
thank you for inspiring me in so many ways.
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