Peace-Of-Mind 🌇 🔉 🎮

Game developed during the Global Game Jam 2018.
Theme: Transmission
I worked as the concept artist and animator for the game.
🏆 We were awarded second place in our Jam Site based on local participants' votes, highlighted for the creativity and sound design.
Sound Design
Logic Pro X
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
The game features an autistic child on his journey to find true silence away from the city 🌇 he lives in . Even though he has a mask which reduces his hearing and turns his disorder bearable, he never trully is able to achieve peace of mind in the city.
Join him in this 2D platformer as he has to deal with his own hearing problems in a place where noise is so abundant 🔉🔉 🔉. He will have to face his troubles, removing the mask at times, in order to be able to find direction and avoid noise sources. But there is a limit to how much one can bear!
To play the game go to this Link : and download the zip file under the "Game" folder . 
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