Game developed during the Retro Game Jam 2019 (2 days to develop).
Theme: Space
I worked an animator, Concept artist and sound design in pair with my Co-Worker Rafael Serralheiro.
We worked on creating all the sprites for the game, backgrounds, character designs, interfaces and sound design. In the time of two days we were able to create two complete movesets for two characters, cutscenes that introduzed the story of the game and various theme songs to use in game.
🏆 We were awarded with honor mention in our Jam, highlighted for the game mechanics.
The game is about Sprogs (Space Frogs) sent to space in order to search for the mighty apple, that will aid them in their home planet. This apple is hidden in a distant world protected by the Froliens  (Alien Frogs)
The game is a Fighting game playable with the Ps4 Controllers.
Game still in development 
Only for Windows Microsoft
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