Produção Multimédia 2019/2020
   For the final project, we were faced with a different challenge, firstly through contact with a collaborating artist and then by a more looser / autonomous interpretation on our part. So we were approached with three binomials that serve as main themes or key ideas: Mind/Body, Body/Space, Inner World/Outer World. For this project, due to my greater interest in this area, i immediately decided to either create an animation or a virtual experience. The support i would use would be virtual reality because it is able to better immerse the viewer and the experience, however, this technique became impossible due to the recent pandemic, that is, in the scope of the project, it would be necessary a collaboration between several colleagues from different areas and with the restrictions imposed, the realization of a project with this support became something unattainable.

After an extensive period of reflection and research, I took the approach of returning to work using the theme of a previous project as inspiration, that is, the dream / nightmare and exploring these concepts more deeply. In a way it will be an evolution from the past project to something more meaningful and interactive with the viewer. In short, the previous project was based on a 2D “frame by frame” animation where I explored the concept of the dream/nightmare and tried to evoke questions such as: what if the dream is reality itself?; when we dream are we actually living/experiencing reality ?; etc ... The work was created using black cardboards as separate "frames" and white pastel to draw the characters, thus adding a unique aesthetic and texture to the image.
Then each "frame" was digitized to be able to be animated in post-production .
  I want to create a virtual experience where the viewer is trapped in a situation of sleep paralysis, this condition happens after waking up or before falling asleep, it makes our physical movements and our ability to act impossible. 
In addition, this state can be accompanied by hypnagogic hallucinations, in other words, "dreaming in reality", various entities and completely fantastical objects can appear around us as a dream/nightmare and this is what makes this condition truly scary.
 I intend to use this theme as justification for the choice of my binomials (Mind/Body, Body/Space).
Given that the original intent of the project would be to create an experience in virtual reality, I decided to create an animation capable of translating what would be an experience in that medium, similar to a trailer. So the animation will incorporate a 3D environment with 2D animations made "frame by frame" that tells a possible episode of sleep paralysis.
 In this episode, we are faced with several hallucinations and entities that interact in the environment around us.
   Tenebris in Latin, translating to dark in English is an animation that converges two styles and dimensions (2D / 3D).
This animation aims to simulate a condition of sleep paralysis, where in this situation the spectator is faced with various hallucinations and entities.

This Project was made for academic purposes, and it was 
made for: Produção de Multimédia
Supervisor Teacher : Marta Varzim
Escola Superior de Artes e Design

Thank you for your attention 

Carlos Mendes
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