This project aims to understand all phases of a 3D animation production. The title of the project is "A Trap", and serves as a motto / theme for the development of the project. 
The project comprises the production of an animation mini-short, lasting 5 to 10 seconds.
My purpose with this project is to create an already existing trap "The Flogger" 
from Call Of Duty : World at War and aim to simulate/recreate the interaction 
between zombie and trap. 
In this case the narrative of the animation is something very simple: The zombie is attracted to the human brain and proceeds to run for it. Before realizing it "The Flogger" starts working and therefore kills the zombie in the process.
Concept & StoryBoard
This Project was made for academic purposes, and it was 
made for: Animação 3D
Supervisor Teacher : Alexandre Jacinto
Escola Superior de Artes e Design
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